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Every day, businesses are seeking some sort of financing, but what these businesses find out quickly is that there are thousands of lenders out there with over tens of thousands of different lending products. The thought of applying to any number of these lenders is a daunting task, which can become a nightmare if you waste your time applying to the wrong lender. Thankfully, we are business loan brokers that understand all of the lending options and can help a business owner or commercial investor find the best possible financing option, making sure their company or investment thrives.

Property Types

Single Family & Portfolio Rental Loans for Investers

Commercial /Office Buildings

5-20 unit Multi-Family Properties


Our Core Specialties

Education About Business Financing Options

No business owner wants to overpay for a loan because they failed to properly-inform themselves of their options. We help business owners understand all the different funding options, and advise to the best financing option that will help their business grow short, medium and long-term. We offer many commercial property financing options, including SBA real estate loans, conventional real estate loans, balloon mortgages, refinancing a mortgage, investment real estate loan, fix-and-flip financing, as well a bridge loans.

Access to Lenders

There are thousands of lenders available that are willing to provide small businesses with financing. But simply going from lender to lender, seeking the right type of loan for your company or commercial investment is not only time consuming, but your also not guaranteed to have success in finding the right lender. If you do find a lender that may be a good fit, you’ll have to apply with a lower-level position and hope that you’ll get approved by underwriting. We have connections within many lending institutions that can streamline the approval and underwriting process, and help you get a loan quickly.


We monitor interest rates daily with state of the art software that provides us real-time quotes to shop between banks to get you the lowest rate/fee’s possible.